Charles City County Department of Information Technology

About the Department

We provide services to the Board of Supervisors, County Administrator, County Agencies, and Fire and EMS. The Information Technology Department also supports the telecommunication services for all county agencies as well as the County Library, School Board, Schools, Social Services Department, and the Courts Systems.  

The primary responsibility of this department is to design, develop, maintain, and enhance the technology infrastructure, applications, and telecommunications in support of County Government operations and services to Charles City County citizens.

The department also manages the County’s computer network and a central data processing operations center twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Ongoing projects include mainframe system and software upgrade, telecommunications and wide-area networking, client/server application development, and electronic forms processing. CC Logo - 1


Provide services that coordinate with the vital technology expectations set by our Executive branch, State Agencies and or Coordinating Offices  Information Technology will collaborate with each department's internal administrative affairs, including budget preparation and control of expenditures; personnel administration; analyze manpower utilization and recommend staffing levels of operating units; analyze and plan improvements in organization, methods, systems, and equipment; assist in the development of specifications for acquisition of equipment and software; provide clerical services for the department such as maintaining the inventory of technology equipment and purchases. The assures that the specific technical demands of each department's project are required as it is coordinated and requested.


 The vision of the Department of Information Technology is to lead the county in the creation and implementation of technology solutions that improve the IT infrastructure, public safety, citizen engagement, and overall government services. The department is consistently collaborating with other local government agencies to keep Charles City in alignment with the necessary technology demands from state and local governments. We help our users in each department to plan and coordinate technology goals in line with county-wide technology objectives.  Coordinates all efforts between the user department and VITA as it relates to the deployment of technology.  Participates with VITA Directors, management, and other County administrators and staff members in strategic and calculated planning for the efficient and effective use of information resources in overall County operations.  Evaluates plans and proposals from other governmental agencies (e.g., Federal and State) and public organizations.

Provides project management and directs project support staff, programming, support staff, and administrative staff from consultants and vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Bright and Associates, and Xerox to name a few and related vendors as they provide ongoing support to the various application systems run by the County of Charles City Information Technology Department.  Functions include RFP Development, contract preparation, contract management, and direct supervision of the vendor staff to ensure compliance with the documented specific needs of the County related application systems and related databases.   Prepares responses of the functional areas.

Supported Agencies and Departments

  • Building Inspection
  • Clerk, Circuit Court - Telecommunications only 
  • Commissioner of The Revenue
  • Commonwealth Attorney
  • County Administration
  • Community Development
  • Human Resources
  • General District Court -Telecommunications only 
  • Charles City-County Library - Telecommunications only 
  • Richard M. Library History Center
  • Public Works
  • Recreation Center
  • Registrar Office
  • School Board-Telecommunications only 
  • Schools ( High and Elementary ) - Telecommunications only
  • Sheriff Office
  • Social Services -Telecommunications only 
  • Treasurer Office
  • Ruthville Gymnasium
  • Fire and EMS 
  • All of the county's audiovisual equipment except the courts and schools.